image VANK “launched a global campaign to criticize the development of Legoland in a Jungdo historic site image “What if the Legoland is built after the Stonehenge is demolished in the United Kingdom?”

What if the Legoland is built after the Palace of Versailles is demolished in France?

The Voluntary Agency Network of Korea, VANK, posted an English petition in the biggest petition website, giving the information on ‘an issue about the biggest heritage from the Bronze Age in Korean peninsula, destroyed by the development of Legoland’ to member states of UNESCO.


After reaching the first target of the petition, 100,000 people, the VANK will report the result to the members of UNESCO, and thus, form international opinion to resolve the issue with the global community.


In addition to the petition, they created 14 global promotion posters and posted them on their social media to let the world citizens know about the issue.


The posters consist of the contents presenting the issue on the construction of Legoland after destroying the worldwide famous heritage such as the Stonehenge in the UK, the Parthenon in Greece, the Pyramid in Egypt, the Colosseum in Italy, the Palace of Versailles in France and the Angkor Wat in Cambodia.


The Jungdo is the world-class prehistoric site where the amount of 9,000 relics, 1,266 house sites and 149 tombs of the prehistoric period have been excavated so far.


In the excavation of buried cultural assets in the Jungdo, the dwellings and agricultural remains of the Bronze Age such as dolmens, housing sites and large-scale ditch to protect the village have been discovered, which will mark a milestone in the research on the Bronze Age in the world.


Especially, the large-scale ditch to protect the village surrounds the town as the boundary, showing that the surplus of products was accumulated and the community-dominating order was formed here.


Also, it is the first square-shaped ditch found in the Korean peninsular, having a great value to the study of history in the world.


The VANK said “Damage to cultural property belonging to any people whatsoever means damage to the cultural heritage of all mankind, since each people makes its contribution to the culture of the world, and even, the developer of Legoland is suspected of dumping construction waste in the Jungdo site, and has not complied with the preservation guidelines of cultural heritage while its construction.”


And they demand the followings to the UNESCO headquarters and member states.

▲ UNESCO should investigate the deliberate destruction of the Jungdo historic site in the Republic of Korea and make a recommendation to stop it.

▲ UNESCO should provide judicial and administrative assistance for the impending destruction of cultural heritage of the Jungdo site.

▲ Member states of UNESCO should make a recommendation to ban the intentional destruction of the Jungdo in the Republic of Korea.