image “What if the Legoland is built after the Stonehenge is demolished in the United Kingdom?” image LEGOLAND Korea Plows Ahead, Destroying Ancient Heritage Site

VANK, 76,000 foreigners have positively responded to a petition about the Bronze Age remains destroyed by development of Legoland

While the Voluntary Agency Network of Korea, VANK has launched an international petition calling for UNESCO and its member states to join in the preservation of the historic remains, a global campaign to promote the remains of the Bronze Age buried due to the development of Legoland has been successful.

VANK recently made 14 global promotional posters – in English, Korean, French, and Italian) – introducing the issue of Jungdo by citing the world’s cultrual heritage and distributed them to let historians, archaeologists, relevant professors and UNESCO member states know about it.

The posters are composed of the contents to draw the attention of world citizens by giving a question that ‘what would you do if Legoland is built after demolishing worldwide heritage such as the Stonehenge in the United Kingdom, the Parthenon in Greece, the Pyramid in Egypt, the Colosseum in Rome, the Palace of Versailles in France, and Angkor Wat in Cambodia?, and are linked to the petition website explaining the Jungdo historic site in the Republic of Korea.

In particular, the posters that VANK posted on their Facebook for other countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, Peru, India, the Philippines and Indonesia have gained the number of 76,000 ‘Like’ and 569 people have shared them with their families, friends and neighbors just for 10 days, from May 28 to June 8.

Also, total 420 comments have been left on the posting, and most of them said they are against destroying cultural heritage and asked its supporting materials written in English.

As supporting the campaign, William Grant from the UK mentioned that “They should find somewhere else for Legoland and also turn the Jungdo site into a tourist attraction making sure that the site is also protected.“

Also, Kunal Dasgupta from India pointed out that “Yes, as a Professor of History myself, I understand the far flung impact of destroying our Historical heritage sites. I condemn this act of terror. Didn’t expected such kind of demonic acts from the Korean state, which itself is always under cultural challenge right from it’s origin.”

Moreover, Paul Turner from the UK said that “Where abouts more precisely is this Jungdo heritage site. I can’t find any information on it, I’d like to know more about it.“

A president of VANK, Park Gi-Tae said that “by letting the world know about the Jungdo heritage which is the Korean ancient remains and world-class historic site, we will preserve the great cultural heritage of humankind and also the Korean identity”.

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