image An European history media reported on campaign criticizing the development of Legoland image Incredibly distressing story coming out of Korea.

Sign the linked petition to help preserve the Jung-do Bronze Age site in Sourh Korea.

The Merlin group of UK is currently building a huge scale of theme park known as “Lego Land” in Jung-do region, Chun-cheon City, Gwangwon province, South Korea. The region had been reported as a significant and meaningful archaeological site since 1977. It is defined as a Bronze Age relic and can be compared to the ‘Stonehenge’ in the UK. The site is over a million kilometres square. Merlin group is ravaging the site despite these important facts. The site is severely damaged due to a series of construction.


The site represents not only Korean history but the virtues of humanity. There are approximately 9000 prehistoric artifacts, 1266 prehistoric home features, and 149 tombs found. Among artifacts, Lute-shaped Bronze Dagger and Song Guk-ri type bronze axe prove the existence of Ancient Joseon, which is regarded as the first state of Korean history. Its city size dwellings, palisade, and tombs explain the Bronze Age people lived in East Asia from the BCE 14th century to the BCE 12th century. The site suggests the remarkable megalithic culture in the Northeastern Asia region by its various dolmens and relics.


Charles Gurrasa who is the senior independent director of Merlin Entertainment plc. and who is also in charge of the tourism sector of English Heritage. While Merlin preciously cares for UK heritage, they do not hesitate to destroy the ancestral/cultural heritage in Korea. What a ‘moral hazard’ for Merlin group! It is a disgraceful and disrespectful way to ignore Korean citizens.


After 1 year, the site could be (will be) fully converted into tons of plastic amusement park. It is an important matter that cannot be ignored. It angers citizens in various sectors of our society. – More than 100,000 citizens participated in the Blue House National Petition requesting suspension of Legoland Construction.